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  • wonder


    Art Direction online, Interface Design, UX Design, Design Concept, Usability, Accessibility, Styleguide Development, Illustration

  • Jaron Ghani

    Jaron Ghani

    Technical director/founder at @numiko

  • iMoov


    Passionate by Digital Nomadism & Travelling, iMoov is a new brand of innovative IT accessories concentrating on comfort, elegance and quality products

  • Robin


    We’re out to make the work day delightful, one room at a time. https://robinpowered.com

  • Brandon Riddell

    Brandon Riddell

    Up to something. Reading @MaiQuarterly. Using my head with Words & Deeds. Industrial strength, patience and persistence. Just my opinions.

  • Thomas Krogh Jensen

    Thomas Krogh Jensen

    Father. Runner. Foodie. CEO of Copenhagen FinTech and trying to build a thriving Danish fintech ecosystem together with an awesome team of passionate people.

  • Heikki Piipponen

    Heikki Piipponen

    Father and husband. Using Twitter for following #data #api #iot #cloud & stuff http://dataalbum.github.io.

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor

    Co-founder and CTO at Breakroom

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